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Our Advantages

1. Distribution channels: Shanghai Sweets covered the almost every main E-commerce channel with all kinds of business mode in China.
2. Logistics: Shanghai Sweets provides rapid and professional logistics, which is including the cold chain delivery and customized packaging service, to our nationwide consumers by delivering the products from the warehouses located in Beijing and Shanghai.
3. Operation: Shanghai Sweets has professional team to operate and make marketing promotion for the brand flagship store at each E-commerce platform, and at meantime to keep high brand exposure and sales conversion.
4. Marketing: Shanghai Sweets makes the accurate and efficient marketing plan of CRM by giving a modeling analysis of customer data base, which make ROI for EDM to achieve 1:60 and SMS as 1:200. Shanghai Sweets wins advantages with limited investment by the accurate forecast and budget on marketing.
5. Distribution: For the different platforms and brands, we select the most suitable partner among the hundreds of distributors, based on years of experience. We not only build up the distribution network with them but also to guide, support and control the distributors with our professional systematic follow-up.